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Comparison between CNC servo punch and laser cutting machine

Each has an advantage

1, CNC punch

CNC punch press has more flexibility in curve processing. A punching machine can have punching die, forming die or other special requirements mold to process some special sheet metal workpieces. CNC punching machine is used in processing mesh plate and The curtain wall aluminum veneer has a strong advantage, not only processing speed, but also low cost. For plates with forming requirements, CNC punching machines can be used for rolling, stretching, shearing, stamping, marking and so on. For high-volume products, CNC punch presses can be equipped with flexible processing systems for 24 hours of unmanned processing. The disadvantage of CNC punching machine is that the stamping plate thickness cannot exceed 6mm.

2, laser cutting machine

Laser cutting is a technological revolution in sheet metal processing and a "machining center" in sheet metal processing. Laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility, high cutting speed, high production efficiency and short production cycle, which has won a wide market for customers. Laser cutting has no cutting force and good material adaptability. Whether it is simple or complex parts, it can be laser-precision and rapid prototyping. Its slit is narrow, cutting quality is good, automation is high, operation is simple, and cutting can be automatically arranged. , nesting, improve material utilization, low production costs, and good economic returns.

3, the two comparison

CNC punching machine has the function that laser cutting machine can't replace. Forming processing is the biggest drawback of laser. CNC punching machine has all the functions of laser cutting machine, and has many features such as laser cutting machine can not be processed and can not process three-dimensional shaped parts. Laser cutting such as rolling ribs and knockout holes can not be processed. In addition, laser cutting processing may process plate parts. Produce inevitable burn marks and so on. In short, the laser-cutting and dry-working punching machine can basically be dry, and the three-dimensional forming live laser is not as good as the punching machine, but the precision cutting is still better than the laser.

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