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The use of porous composite molds on CNC punch presses

      The advantages of CNC punching machine with its high-speed, high-precision flexible punching processing system and numerical control programming simulation technology for accurate product prediction have been widely used in recent years. However, the standard CNC punching machine standard mold has always hampered the requirements of enterprise development. The development and innovation of CNC punching die technology has become an eternal subject for enterprises to improve product quality and production efficiency. According to the characteristics of the products, our company applies the porous composite mold to the process of processing all kinds of mesh plates, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also enhances the flatness of the board and improves the quality of the products.

Case 1: Communication wind cabinet industry

       Because the communication ventilation cabinet must meet the requirements of more than 60% of the ventilation area, the process must punch a large number of mesh holes on the front and rear door panels, and the door panel of a 2200*600*600 cabinet is punched by a standard single hole die on the CNC. It takes 40 minutes. In order to improve the stamping efficiency, we have designed 40-hole, 24-hole, 16-hole, 12-hole, 6-hole and other porous combined molds to meet the production and processing of various mesh door panels. It takes 6 minutes to process a mesh plate on the CNC punching machine, which increases the production efficiency by 6-10 times. The processing time reduces the number of punching per unit area of the door panel, which greatly improves the leveling of all kinds of mesh plates. degree.

Case 2: Fluidized bed stencil in the chemical industry

      The stencil of the fluidized bed is a densely formed stencil that has high requirements for the venting area and the height of the forming holes. Our company has a fluidized bed stencil size of 2500*850, material of 1.5 stainless steel, and the number of stamped holes is 32,500. Using a single hole forming die, the processing time was 270 minutes. We designed a 5-hole porous die with a processing time of 60 minutes and a 4.5-fold increase in processing efficiency. Through reasonable design, not only the reliability of the mold itself, but also the replacement of the punch core is convenient, and the stamping cost is greatly reduced.

      The porous mold has strong processing ability when punching the mesh plate. The design of the porous mold structure has two key points: 1 the core can be replaced, 2. The mold has a lubrication cooling flow channel. The punching material selection of the porous die: 1 high speed steel M2, SKH51; 2. powder high speed steel HAP10.

      Our company has rich experience in the manufacture of CNC punching porous molds and stencil stamping processing, and we are dedicated to providing excellent products and excellent services to our friends.

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